Welcome and Congratulations on learning more to become an affiliate! 

Did you know after you register three customers or affiliates that are on a monthly subscription of $49 (3 Gem monthly subscription), your monthly subscription of three Gems is free! There is not too many free things in the world today, especially free to market your own business. Now imagine making extra income while marketing your primary business. It's a win-win!

To become an affiliate Register Here and order your Bluetooth Marketing Gems

You may contact us with any questions at: (661) 492-6091 

Once you are registerd as an affiliate Email Mick or Julie at: with your Facebook name and Facebook email so that we can connect with you on Facebook and we can add you to the private group. This group is for affiliates only. Here you will get all the power point files, logos, brochures and get connected with like-minded people to mastermind, share success stories, answer questions and get live videos of all updates on the company.

Affiliate Incentive Compensation Program

  • $250 Cash Bonus for every 10 new customers or affiliates you personally bring on board, regardless of the package they select (1,3 or 8 Gems). These $250 bonuses will be paid in a lump sum every time you personally bring on board 10 new customers or affiliates.
  • Compensation is calculated monthly and all monies earned are paid on the 15th of the following month. If the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend commissions will be paid the next business day.

Team Subscription Revenue

  • Your team includes your personal customers or affiliates plus your affiliates personal customers or affiliates
  • Subscription revenue is the monthly amount your customers pay for their gems. It does not include one-time fees for shipping or account activation.

Additional Details

  • If one of your affiliates or customers earns free Gems, you will still be credited for the revenue as if they were still paying their monthly subscription. The maximum amount of free Gems earned by any affiliate is 3 at $49
  • To qualify for the cash bonus, a customer must pay the full $30 account activation fee plus first month and last month subscription fees.
  • Above $80,000 in monthly team subscription revenue, the affiliate will earn 30% on all additional sales.
  • To be counted toward monthly subscription revenue, payment must be collected in full.
  • First and last month subscription revenue will count in the first month towards your team revenue (since the amount is collected upfront!)
  • Compensation is calculated and paid monthly
  • Large, volume-based discounted deals will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis by head office and the affiliate.

**Subscription revenue is the monthly amount your customers pay for their Gems. It does not include one-time shipping or account activation fees.