Uplink Mobile Guest WiFi FAQ

How does Uplink work?

Our customers can generate effortless leads by advertising their  business as a Wifi network. Customers can create a customized login  page, and collect email addresses, Facebook pages, phone numbers, Etc.  Which can later be used for email campaigns and Facebook advertisements!  Then, decide what the first web page your potential leads see after  connecting to your broadcast. Track and monitor users through your  Royaltie backoffice! 

Once I receive Uplink, how do I get it to broadcast?

Create a custom SSID, customize your web page, connect to an internet source, broadcast!

How do I activate Uplink?

  • Plug the attached cable into a USB-compatible power source (a laptop, portable battery or phone charger).
  • Wait one minute - ensure both the red and green light is on before continuing.
  • In your smartphone's Settings, turn OFF Wifi and Personal Hotspot.
  • Using your phone's charging cable plug your smartphone into the USB port on the Uplink.  
  • If you are prompted on your phone, click "Trust" this device.
  • Turn ON Personal Hotspot on your phone.  Choose USB hotspot option.
  • Your Mobile Guest Wifi is now active!

Does the device use my data plan on the phone?

Mobile guest WiFi can use any internet source and collect analytics from it.  This includes a phone’s data plan or another Wifi connection for Brick and Mortar units.

How much of my data will MGW use?

You can decide how much data others will be able to use, upon connecting.

What makes Uplink different from the Gems?

Uplink uses Wifi to broadcast your personalized login page to potential  leads, which allows you to track and collect your users’ information in  real time. The gems use a Bluetooth signal to send a quick and  effortless message to nearby android phones. 

Bluetooth Gem: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my Gems?

Shortly after you register as a customer or affiliate, you will receive your personal login information. Once you login, enter the 40-character notification you want each device to display, and a secured (https) website you want users to visit when they click.
Each device has its own unique serial number, so feel free to customize each device separately.
You can change your notifications and websites as often as you like, but please allow 24hrs for each change to take effect.

How do I activate my Gems?

Once you become an affiliate or customer, the company will email you with your login and password to get into your back office. You will go to: "My Gems" and set your notifications up. When your gems arrive just take them out of the package, and follow these easy instructions:

1. Ensure the Gem is ON by gently pressing in the center.  The GREEN light means ON.

2. Make sure you have a modern (made since 2013) Android phone in front of you.

3. Ensure that the Internet is ON by going to google.com in your browser.

4. Ensure that Location Services are ON in your general Settings.

5. Turn Bluetooth OFF.

6. Turn Bluetooth ON.

7. Swipe DOWN on your phone to access your Notification screen. 

8. You should NOW see your Gems' messages on the Notification screen!  Congrats and enjoy! :) 

You will immediately start sending your customized notifications to all nearby Android smartphones. Remember, in order to see the notification, the Android phone must have an internet connection and Bluetooth turned on.

How do I update the message on my Gems? 

Login to your account on royaltie.com and update the notification or download the Royaltie "Upline" App in the App store (Google Play or Apple store) 

Update your Gem notifications in real-time right from your smartphone.

Each device can have a different message and forwarding website 

How can I view how much activity I am getting from the Gems?

Go to https://goo.gl through your google account. Next, enter in your website url that you are advertising and copy and paste the new goo.gl url or any short url service that registers your click thru rate. Enter the short url link into your Royaltie.com back office notification page. To check the amount of activity your website receives, log into your google goo.gl page. You may add all of your website url's here to view how many clicks your pages are receiving.

How do I use my Gems?
Once you receive your Gems, place your Gems near the entrance to your business, in your purse or workbag, on your keychain, or onsite at a client's home.
The Gems send out a Bluetooth signal within 100 yards that will produce a notification on nearby Android smartphones in the dropdown notification bar (alongside the user's emails, missed calls and Facebook notifications, etc.).

How long do the Gems last?
The Gems last about two years on a single battery. When the battery dies, we'll notify you and send you a replacement Gem at no charge.

I just got my device and “it doesn’t work”! 

We test each device individually before shipping, and the battery last up to two years, so we know that the device works. To confirm this for yourself, please follow these steps carefully:  1. Make sure you are using a modern Android phone (purchased since 2015). 2. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned ON. Turn Bluetooth off and then back on if unsure. Note: phones made by LG (especially G4 and G5) have unreliable Bluetooth receivers - consider testing on a different device. 3. Turn the screen OFF then ON. 4. Check the phone's Notifications screen - you will see your message there. Note: Your message may appear on the home screen or locked screen, or you may have to go into the Notifications screen to locate the message. 5. If test unsuccessful, reboot phone and try again. 

Gem Replacement:

If Gem is lost in first 12 months = $12 replacement fee.

If Gem malfunctions before 12 months = free if Gem is mailed back.

If Gem malfunctions after 12 months = free...no questions asked.

What happens when a device breaks or battery runs out? 

Royaltie will replace broken or malfunctioning units at no additional cost – maintenance of all Gems is included in Monthly Fee. 

Who owns the Gems? 

The Gems belong to Royaltie. Monthly Fee is for usage of device and related services – not the purchase of the device itself. 

What if I’m not satisfied?  

You can return the Gems after 90 days, and there will be no ongoing fees or obligations. 

How much does Royaltie cost? 

Customers and affiliates pay $25 per month for 1 Gem. Additional Gems are available for $12 per month. First and last month subscription to be billed upfront. 60 day commitment then month-to-month. There is a one time activation fee  of $30 regardless of how many Gems you purchase

Contact Us if you have any other questions. We would be happy to help!